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Car care

Why regular servicing and professional care will leave you smiling

How would you feel about putting your favourite glass crystal on the back shelf of the car? In fact, every time you drive, you take your most precious belongings with you — your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Regular servicing and maintenance is essential to the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Here are some of the many benefits of regular car care.


Low tread is often found on unseen areas of tyres, compromising your braking and vehicle control. It is always better find out from a service technician than from a skid.


Your brake discs can easily become worn resulting in juddering and inefficient braking. Additionally, slow-leaking fluids leaking can mean you one day find you are suddenly 'out of brakes'.

Steering and suspension

Damage within the steering and suspension components can lead to severe difficulty in handling or uneven tyre wear.

The clutch

Clutch-cable wear can cause loss of power or control if not detected early.

Oil leaks

Oil leaks can be a major problem, damaging spark plugs and causing misfire of the engine or damage to rubber components such as hoses.

Hoses that leak

Hoses that leak can cause damage requiring costly repair to the engine.

Broken belts

Broken belts can cause the car to stop and result in major damage to the engine components.

Gearbox and diff

Leaky seals in the gearbox or the diff can lead to excessive gear wear and shorten gearbox life.


Lights that fail can cause confusion or the wrong reaction from other drivers with sometimes nasty consequences - not just road rage!

The long and short of it is: cutting out a service or two can cost a lot of money or something much more valuable.

How much do you value your car and safety? The consumer association Choice urgest car owners to "Have your car serviced regularly and keep all the service records. This provides prospective buyers with a service history and indicates how well the vehicle has been maintained." -

How often should I service my vehicle?

At John Williams, we'll remind you when your next service is due. Remember that while reminders are helpful, vehicle usage may be your best guide. If you've taken your vehicle on a long trip or faced harsh driving conditions (such as flooding), you should factor this wear and tear into your estimated service due date. We recommend servicing every 6 months to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Remember: Your car speaks to you — listen carefully! Regular maintenance will likely prevent major problems and financial shocks.

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